Your Event

You could have your event breathing this history, tradition and greatness. I'm the football temple for the Brazilian people and have the tech, comfort and infraestructure that you need. All of that mixed with the unique emotion that just the Maraca could provide. You check out here how you could fit your event in one of my many areas and services. There are dozens of spaces with more than 4200m² of area and 400 parking spots for you. to enjoy.

VIP Boxes overlooking the pitch

I've got 107 VIP Boxes, spread into the East and West Wings of the stadium: 1490m² in the VIP Lounge West and 1974m² in the VIP Lounge East. Those boxes could have from 14 to 22 seats. The whole VIP Lounge area may have up to 2.200 people. I still got some different and premium boxes, like Bossa Nova, for up to 90 people, and the Masters A and B, that could have up to 55 people each.

Dressing room party

My locker rooms are awesome, right? If you grew up loving soccer, you definetly have dreamed about dressing up in a place like this and then walk into the pitch. Now you can! Get in touch with us and schedule you party here. I have two sets of dressing rooms, with 1800m², with two bath tubs, 12 showers, 26 lockers and a warm-up zone with a pitch for practice.

Host your party on the pitch

This is the holy part of me. My pitch. World-famous. Glorious. And you could step right into it's 340 grass rolls, with a width of 1,2m and lenght of 18m each. It's a total of 9m² of area. And it's not only for football, but also for concerts and events. You could use the whole pitch or just a part of it.

VIP Hall

Receive your guests with much comfort and elegance. You know that company party in the end of the year? Or even a wedding between two football fans? There isn't a palce better to have these kinds of events than my VIP Hall.

Spacious conference room

My spacious, well-equipped conference room, has 468 seats and could be used for many events. From the press conferences that we have in every match to speaches and business events.