Fun Facts

Stadium's Maximum Capacity

Hours Worked at the construction of Maracanã

Goals scored by Zico, Maracanã's top scorer

World Cup Finals took place at Maracanã

Pelé scored his thousandth goal here

1950's World Cup Final number of people watching

thousand cement sacks were used to build the arena. If stacked, would be twice as high as the Sugar Loaf

Days until Maracanã had it's first game

Record number of audience, at the FlaxFlu game, in 1963

Rock in Rio II took place in Maracanã

of June, 1950. Didi scores the first goal at a oficial game

games of the 2014 World Cup were played at the stadium

Olympic Ceremonies were held there in 2016

thousand roof tiles and 2.1 million bricks were used on the stadium's big revamp

meters has the new Maracanã roof, made with steel cables and glass/teflon fiber

ton is the weight of the new mettalic structure that shapes the stadium new stands

meters is the distance between the seats and the pitch

professional climbers worked in the construction of the new stadium

days was the time needed to place the new roof

spotlights of 2 thousand watts each light the pitch of the stadium

thousand LED bulbs are part of the new light system of the stadium

is Maracanã's FIFA level, which is the highest one in their rankings

rolls of grass compose Maracanã's pitch

thousand square meters is the pitch's area at the stadium

square meters is the size of each of Maracanã's 4 big screens

46" monitors are placed in strategic positions of the stadium

square meters is the size of the Maracanã dressing rooms

boxes compose the VIP area of the stadium